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Your customers spend 20% of their time at their inbox

e-mail just 1 Message

Your customers now spend, on average, 20% of their time staring at their e-mail box. Don’t you think they should spend part of their time reading a message from you? Don’t make it a long, involved letter or a full-blown newsletter. Just hit them with one thought, one product or one promotion at a time. Make it quick and make it easy. Your response will go up.

And don’t bombard your customers and potential customers with these messages. Take it easy. Limit yourself to one message every two to three weeks, or even every month. Send too many messages and you become a nuisance. The occasional message, if presented correctly can be welcomed and even read.
Follow the example of major retailers like Sears, Target and Amazon by e-mailing offers and folksy news. It doesn’t matter if the customer receives the message on a home computer, office computer or, even, their Blackberry. It’s still a message they’ve read. Pleasant persistence is the key.
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