LOconnect establishment

First, be sure you are using a VPN if you are outside of the USA as the amazon server blocks access of loconnect from outside of the USA. Open below link in mobile browser or desktop browser.


Login with your encompass client id.

If you already have ‘PingID’ app on your mobile then great, otherwise download now from this page.

If you already have established pingid app on phone then click on ‘I already installed the PingID app’ button. You will come to this page.

If it is paired you just have to provide passcode otherwise first pair above barcode or with pairing key by opening pingid app in phone and click on ‘+’ icon to add a pairing. Iif it will be successful pairing then an authorization screen will come on desktop screen and a button on mobile PINGID app will come and in mobile you have to just push button up and so authentication will be done successfully and you can see on your desktop or mobile browser dashboard with pipeline etc.



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