Encompass – Viewing TPO Loans

Viewing TPO Loans
After a loan is submitted via a TPO Connect website, authorized users can open their Pipeline and view the loan. The Company filter with Internal Organization and TPO options enable users to view only the loans originated in Encompass or only the loans submitted by the TPO contacts. Use the TPO filter to view loans that are submitted by TPOs only; use the Internal Organization filter to view loans that originated in Encompass.
To View TPO Loans in Your Pipeline:
1 Click the Pipeline tab.
2 From the Company drop-down list, select TPO.

Loans submitted by TPOs are displayed.

3 To filter your loans by TPO company, click the Find icon, and in the External Org Info window, select the TPO company, and then click OK.

• Your Pipeline displays loans submitted by the selected TPO company



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