This loan has already been assigned to a user account. Please contact your loan officer

So, your borrower is saying when he tries to login he gets this error and you are scratching your head what has gone wrong?

First step is go to consumer connect and tries to see in Borrower lookup that if borrower has used and connected loan with a separate email long back and now completely forgot that he already created a different user with different email address and connected it with loan file. Immediately this issue will be clear to you.

But what if he forgets password?

There are two options. One is for the borrower to click the “Forgot Password?” link in the login window. Second is through the CC Admin portal where you can go to the borrower lookup tab on the left side navigation panel, search by username, email, name or loan number and there will be a “Reset Password” link that can be clicked to get a temporary password that is good for 8 hours.

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