Using encompass API to batch update lender name

So, here are sample codes using Encompass API to batch update lender name

using EllieMae.Encompass.Api;
using EllieMae.Encompass.BusinessObjects.Loans;

// Authenticate with Encompass API
Session session = new Session();
session.Start(“encompass_api_user”, “encompass_api_password”);

// Define loan filter criteria for batch update
LoanFilter loanFilter = new LoanFilter();
loanFilter.AddFilter(LoanField.LoanFolder, “MyFolder”);
loanFilter.AddFilter(LoanField.LoanStatus, LoanStatus.Active);

// Retrieve loans matching the filter criteria
LoanData[] loans = session.Loans.GetList(loanFilter);

// Batch update lender name for each loan
foreach (LoanData loan in loans)
loan.Fields[“CX.LenderName”] = “New Lender Name”; // replace “CX.LenderName” with the actual lender name field ID in Encompass

// Close the Encompass API session

This code snippet first authenticates with the Encompass API using a username and password. Then it defines an LoanFilter object to specify the filter criteria for the loans to be batch updated. In this example, we are filtering by loans in a folder named “MyFolder” which has an active status.

Next, it retrieves the list of loans matching the filter criteria using the GetList method of the Loans object. This returns an array of LoanData objects representing the loans.

Finally, it loops through the loans and updates the lender name field (replace “CX.LenderName” with the actual lender name field ID in Encompass) using the Fields property of the LoanData object. It then calls the Update method of the Loans object to save the changes.

Once the batch update is complete, the Encompass API session is closed using the End method of the Session object.

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