Persona and pipeline view

Create the default Pipeline view for the persona by configuring the columns that display on the Pipeline, the order in which they appear, the sorting order for the loan entries, and by applying search filters to the Pipeline data.
1In the Pipeline Views section, click the New icon.
2 Select Create a new, empty Pipeline view, and then click OK.
NOTE: Select Create using an existing Pipeline View to copy the settings from an existing view and then follow the steps below to customize and save it as a new view. Select a Persona and then select the View to copy. Only existing views for the selected persona are available to copy.
3Type a name for the custom Pipeline view.
4Select loans, configure columns, sort data, and set search filters, as described below.
5When finished, click OK.
6The view at the top of the Pipeline Views list is the persona’s default view. Use the up and down arrows to reposition the views.

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