Encompass work details

We do Encompass administration and development work.

1. Company/User setup, SSO, and multi-factor authentication setup
2. License settings (ECS -Encompass Compliance Service can be set, but ECS is
only for banker edition)
3. Network company password, services password management
4. Persona settings and their access rights with Home, Access tabs, Pipeline view,
add remove columns, change column order, pipeline view options
5. Dashboard, contacts, loans, settings customization
6. Organizations users/hierarchy
7. Creation of groups, settings restrictions for users
8. Milestone settings, moving, archived milestones
9. Milestone templates, roles, User groups, members
10. Loan setup – auto loan numbering, organization-specific loan numbering, Auto
MERS MIN numbering, Loan folders settings
11. Loan duplication
12. Alerts
13. Log setup
14. Tasks
15. Default input forms
16. Custom Print forms
17. Print form groups
18. Loan custom fields settings
19. Channel options
20. Changed circumstances setup
21. Disclosure Tracking settings
22. Compliance calendar
23. Trustee List
24. Piggyback Loan sync
25. Sync templates
26. Privacy policy
27. zip code setup
28. HMDA profile
29. NMLS report setup
30. Verification setup
This list is a long list and actually, the whole system has to set. So, it will take a few
weeks to do all these settings. I do it on a monthly retainer basis also where we would
do all Encompass work for your settings.

In short, this all-loan setup (a very long list, you can see in settings how long and
complex it is), efolder setup, Docs setup, Loan templates, contacts, table and fees,
business rules, additional services, ordering and integration of DU / LP, credit score
reports, etc. File access management, Importing, and exporting of data settings.

We have experience with Salesforce as well as Encompass API and plugin development using SDK.

• Experience utilizing VB.net to support advanced coding for business rules
• Experience utilizing VB.net or C# to support custom input forms using MS SQL Server
with Visual studio 2019
• Experience using and administering Encompass Banker’s Edition and the Ellie Mae
Connect family of products.
• Knowledge of Encompass functionality and ability to coach end-users on how to utilize it
• Experience working in an Agile/Scrum development process.
• Experience in configuration of all areas of Encompass settings including personas, user
groups, eFolder, loan templates, reports, input form builder, and all types of business
• Strong understanding of the loan lifecycle.
• Certification in Encompass Administration or similar course work.
• Experience successfully working remotely and/or with geographically dispersed teams.
• Ability to analyze problems and respond quickly in a fast-paced, demanding
• Multi-tasking capabilities.
• Ability to manage help desk tickets and user issues.
• Strong communication skills and customer service.
• Demonstrates a professional and cooperative attitude.
• Microsoft Excel functions like formulas, pivot tables, and macros.
• Have a positive attitude, work well under pressure and be a team player.
• Ability to prioritize work to meet project deadlines.
• Effective listening and critical thinking skills.
• Ability to work independently and within a team environment.
• Strong problem-solving skills with attention to detail.
• Ability to maintain a flexible work schedule, including evening and weekend work when

We do utility, plugin and standalone interface development for Encompass.

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