A Little More Than Ordinary Restaurant Management Software!

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Managing your restaurant operations like billing, checking the kitchen, and looking for ways to satisfy a customer can be an arduous task. We can feel you. To rescue you, we have come up with a hardly-built restaurant management software- Tasty Clone. Our Quality Excellence’s solution is so effective that we bet you will thank us later!

Momentous Ability Of Our Restaurant

Order and Delivery management
Inventory management
Table reservation management
Restaurant POS
Kitchen display system
Employee management tool
Finance and accounting
One-Size-Fits-All Solution

Any food business you name, our software will cover it!

Cloud kitchen
Food delivery business
Multi-chain restaurants

Benefits Tagged Along With The Software

Easy updating of menu
Payment integration
User-friendly interface
Seamless integration
Cloud-based security
Get Your Restaurant Business Hot With The Tasty Clone

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