Disclosed Finance Charge Must Be >= Actual Finance Charge – $100(1000704) FAIL

Few points to start checking prior to do anything

  1. Check all APR fees, and all red-flagged fees in ‘APR fees’, meaning thereby either you have to match and adjust in Itemization Fees in settings or check ‘Impact APR’ and ‘compliance fee’ in the loan file.
    • A common cause for this is mismatched APR flags. This can be confirmed by reviewing the FEE DETAILS in the COMPLIANCE REVIEW section by pressing the Fee Details button. Any fees noted in RED indicate that the APR flags are mismatched. ECS/Mavent is reading the Compliance Fee Description column and Encompass is reading the Encompass Fee Description column (determined by using the APR Indicator flag(s)). These need to be consistent for an accurate calculation.
       If you find that the Compliance APR column is correct, then the fee will need to be updated in Encompass 2015 Itemization by checking the APR indicator checkbox for each respective line item.
       If you find that the Encompass APR column is correct, then the mapping of the fee will need to be updated.
      FEE MAPPING: Encompass Settings > Table and Fees > Itemization Fee Management
      □ Once changes have been made, Log out and log back in to Encompass to ensure the changes take effect. After these fees have been re-mapped and updated, please re-run the Compliance Review. Remember you may have to redisclose CD / LE and also you have to ensure it is recorded correctly in LE / CD page 2, change circumstances, and correct reason for COC.

2. Investment, 2nd home, Vacation, 2-4 unit Mavent calculating MI for the life of the loan – I wrote another article and help, how it can be matched to make it 78%

There are at least 10 other reasons why this mavent error is coming and a totally different approach we have to take to resolve it depending on the Loan file, data, and workflow.

Please let me know if you want more, how to resolve it and what other reasons can be.

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