Average Median Credit Score Calculated for FNMA DU – 22.2

For loans submitted to FNMA Desktop Underwriter (DU), the Average Median Credit Score value is now
being calculated by DU and returned in the response. The following Encompass updates have been
implemented to accommodate this change:

  • A new read-only Avg. Median Credit Score loan-level field (field ID AUS.X199) has been added to
    the to the Quick Entry – AUS Details pop-up window, which is accessible by clicking the Add icon or
    double-clicking an existing entry in the AUS History section of the AUS Tracking tool.


  • The Avg. Median Credit Score field is populated with the FNMA value when a response is received
    from DU.
  • When the AUS Tracking log is created manually, the Avg. Median Credit Score field is populated
    with the value from the Average Representative Credit Score (field ID 4752) in Encompass.
  • The Avg. Median Credit Score field is available in the Encompass Reporting Database as
    AUSTRACKING.AUS.X199 and can be added to reports and custom forms.

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