DO (Desktop Originator) not storing credit reference number and credit provider

Solution Details:

With the new change in 21.4 to allow DO to submit for underwriting without any credit reference number, the system is not saving credit reference numbers when it exists in the loan and liabilities are already imported.

Users are being prompted to order a credit report or provide a reference number.

This also impacts re-submissions when credit reference was already passed through to DO and underwriting was already performed.

DO image.png

Steps to reproduce:

1) Run credit in a loan.

2) Import liabilities.

3) Run DO.

Users will receive a prompt to reissue credit, pass an existing credit reference number, or submit without passing credit.

After an initial successful DO run, go back into the loan, and re-submit to DO again. The system will again prompt to reissue credit or pass existing credit again.

This issue is being tracked under defect GSE-23452 and ETA of the fix tentative 12/16/2021.

Manually re-enter existing credit reference number for every DO submission whether it’s initial or resubmission

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