Interesting – How Logos can have company address in LE

Image manager has a feature to upload logos and interestingly that is the most convenient way to upload the logo with an address as design so LE will always show the logo as well as the company address.

To access Image Manager, have your ‘named contacts’ follow these instructions:
1. Visit the Resource Center. You will find a link to Image Manager under Toolbox > Docs Tools.
2. Once inside the application, click the Browse button and select your logo file. Once uploaded, a thumbnail of your logo will appear.
3. Click the thumbnail for a preview of how it will look on the loan estimate.
4. Click Submit to save your logo.
It’s that easy! Take advantage of the new Image Manager today.

Please refer to your internal Compliance if you believe it should be included on the CD.

The CFPB has stated that a logo can be used at the top of the Loan Estimate

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