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About Us

About Us


uality Excellence India delivers cost effective and high quality IT software development services from our offshore unit in Hyderabad, India. Quality Excellence is a niche software development firm with focus on custom web application development using .Net and LAMP technologies (Linux-Apache-MYSQL-PHP) to provide relevant and useful solutions.

Quality Excellence targets firms that are either entrepreneurial ventures or have between 10-50 employees. Such firms are better off focusing on their core business and would like to outsource a bulk of their software development to a cost effective offshore provider with a proven track record of delivering quality on schedule. We are further differentiated in industry groups such as real estate, manufacturing, professional services and healthcare where we have done more than 7-8 projects and have relevant experience to better understand the client requirements as well as for proposing state of the art technology based solutions.

Domain Expertise

Our overall documented project experience has 78 projects spanning nearly 55-60 clients covering the following industry segments as per NAICS classification (numbers in brackets indicate the project engagements):

Wholesale Trade
Real Estate, Rental and Leasing
Educational Services
Arts, Entertainment and Recreation
Retail Trade
Finance and Insurance
Professional Technical Services
Healthcare and Social Assistance
Accommodation and Food Services

Business Model

Quality Excellence has defined the boundaries of its business around 3 key ideas:

League of Talented Indians
Create Profitable Employment
Knowledge Driven Services

The company has technology skills on 3 platforms:

Microsoft .Net with Silverlite
Cold Fusion Mx-8.0 with Flex
LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP) with Flash

Here are the key principles that drive decisions at Quality Excellence:

Clarity and Focus
Honesty and Discipline
Repeat Business
Leadership is the path to progress
Premium talent requires premium salary
Strict timings for work and break hours
Win-Win Relationships
Quality means Value for Money
Actions speak louder than words
Critical review for speed learning
Demand results and get them

Talent Pool

Due to scarcity of well trained talent pool in the Indian market relative to software industry requirements, Quality Excellence has found it necessary to impart detailed technical training based on focoused skill matrices to programmers during the first 3 months of employment. Our technical architects certify the programmers on the skill matrices before the programmers are staffed on live projects. The technical architects also maintain a library of functions and components based on our experience across projects to avoid reinventing the wheel for common functions and features in new projects

Quality Practices

Our quality processes are aligned to SEI CMM Level 3 standards with a clearly defined step by step process to deliver error free quality on schedule. Quality Excellence specializes in inventory control, order processing, content management, e-commerce, social community sites and workflow applications. A typical project in our company involves 3-5 dedicated professionals under leadership of a Project Manager and the project duration varies between 3 months to 9 months based on the scope of work. We believe that the core knowledge is the understanding of the processes in the client business and that must act as a foundation to design a useful solution based on suitable technology architecture.

Core Principles

Quality Excellence believes that character is the foundation of success. Hence the company must only venture in projects that it is confident and capable of doing based on relevant experience / track record. We encourage the spirit of honesty, discipline and win-win relationships with our partners, employees and clients.

We believe that repeat business is the best index of good work and client satisfaction. We expect to grow our team strength to 100 employees by end of 2012. This will be possible through aggressive investments into marketing as well as the industry focus and low cost advantage derived from an India centric presence. Typically programmers (or web designers) have 2-3 years experience and the project managers are above the age group of 30 years with 5-8 years experience. As a thumb rule, nearly 85-90 % of the hours spent in any project are by programmers / web designers and there is a 10-15 % involvement from Project Managers at the level of client interaction and design guidance / problem solving / engineering certification.

Success Factors

Quality Excellence India has defined the following critical success factors in its business plan to organize the business for success:

Cost Effective Pricing is the Sustainable Advantage
Win-Win relationships or No Deal
Keep Promises to deliver consistent Quality on Schedule
Strict Data Security at Physical, Network and Application Levels
Invest into English Communication Skills as a Centre of Excellence
Create Excellence and Client Preference through Industry Focus
Rigorous step-by-step software engineering process builds robust applications