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Control Specialists Web Redesign

Control Specialists Web Redesign


lient focused on providing process control solutions to manufacturing and related industries. Client offering a unique combination of experience in FDA-conversant software design, process control and chemical engineering. This will bridges the gap between industrial processes and programmable systems designed to control them.

Project Description

The client was focused on providing process control solutions to the manufacturing and related industries. Established in 1989, this Client was a BSI-certified ISO 9001:2000 Tick IT Company based in the UK offering a unique combination of experience in FDA-conversant software design, process control and chemical engineering to providing a service that bridges the gap between industrial processes and the programmable systems designed to control them.

The client was working in the Pharmaceutical, Heath Care, Chemical, Glass, Food and Water industries and can offer independent advice on the most appropriate methods of improving the control of processes or helping to understand how to operate them in a more efficient manner. The client was seeking a vendor to redesign their website.

Capability Analysis:

This site was hosted on the DEMON ISP server with Linux, Apache and MYSQL and PHP (LAMP) technologies. The look and feel was contemporary such as the EXPERTUNE site and there was a content management system to modify the text or images in a secured way at any time. There was a download page where the site visitor can select the PDF files to download and receive them over their e-mail with a notification to CSL. CSL gets a content management tool in admin panel to define the names of section links while keeping the same template. The list of downloads, event registration enquiries, payments and enquiries from contact page can be browsed in paginated grids and a CSL representative can reply to such messages through a form that was automatically send an e-mail to the person who submitted the enquiry. Finally CSL has registered a MOBI domain name and would like to create and host a single page site on it.

Here is a list of key steps outlining the process flow on the proposed website:

  1. Site must be cross-browser compatible and should look the same in popular browsers like Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator or Firefox
  2. The site visitor can browse through the informational pages on the site which was categorized in a menu bar with sub-menu links. These pages were described the company, its services, client testimonials, experience and any other textual info with embedded images. Quality Excellence was provided the graphics support including the redesign of services / methodology image on home page of existing site.
  3. Admin was get a control panel to update the text and images in the informational pages of the site
  4. Site visitors can fill a contact form with their profile / contact info and a query / area of interest. CSL admin was get this message and can reply using a form in admin panel which results in an e-mail being sent back to the person who made the enquiry
  5. Site Visitor can register for a newsletter by specifying name, phone number and e-mail address. This was build a mailing list and the CSL admin can compose a mailer in admin panel and publish to all subscribers at any time. (OPTIONAL FEATURE)
  6. Site Visitor can browse the list of courses / training programs and select a set of events to initiate the process of participation in such events. Typically an event registration form was filled up requesting a CSL representative to contact the registrant. Quality Excellence has proposed and CSL has sought to include online payment using Paypal ID or credit cards during the registration process. The latter requirement about online payment was included in this proposal as an optional feature.
  7. The client has an existing feature on the site about allowing site visitor to download PDF files and client gets an e-mail notification.
  8. There was a keyword search box on home page leading to a search listing page with links to respective pages
  9. The client had a .MOBI domain and needs a single page website to run on PDA screens (Required Feature)
  10. Admin can login into the control panel, change password and logout
  11. Admin can browse the list of payments for training programs
  12. Admin can browse the list of newsletter subscribers and compose HTML mailer for broadcast to all subscribers over their e-mail
  13. Admin can manage the list of training courses and the dates as well as fees for each in a grid interface
  14. Admin can manage the list of registrants for each course or training program in a grid format with ability to reply by e-mail notification

The client was provided several documents that have been read and understood to formulate the scope of work for the project, subject to specified assumptions.

Technology Architecture

The proposed application was programmed in web architecture using PHP 4 + and MY SQL 4 + as RDBMS (LAMP architecture). Application architecture was centralized for easy manageability. Application was optimized for Internet Explorer 6+ but HTML 4 compliance was preserved to ensure cross browser compatibility with other common browsers like Firefox and Netscape Navigator. Cross browser compatibility was largely ensured through use of XHTML 1.0 and HTML 4 compliance. All application testing was done in Firefox which has a more restrictive implementation of HTML / JavaScript and this ensures that it runs well in IE browsers too. Any cross browser issues was debugged if they arise during module testing.

Optimistic locking was used in database operations to improve concurrent user performance. Extensive use of stored procedures was ease network traffic and database performance.

Tangible Benefits:

  1. This Application has enabled with Contemporary web image of the Client was looking for improve customer confidence and application work in better User Friendly mode.
  2. It has covered the ability to manage all content on the website in self service mode without any programming intervention.
  3. Better internet visibility through keyword optimization for search engines has add to the client market coverage.