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eekly client audit is a standard part of our quality process during project execution. we view our clients as the most significant teachers and disciplinarians that keep us on track. Some of the recent feedback in projects is listed in this section. Video links are provided where available.

"Dear Staff of Quality Excelllence:

I'm writing to express my gratitude for all the hard work Quality Excellence team have put into developing my program for me. With your help, I will be able to complete this project ahead of schedule. I admire your team's diligence and ability to stay focused on solutions to challenges. Your team completed most of the required steps for completing my program, which I am very grateful for. A very thorough job has been done by your team by constantly keeping me updated through Nathan, and by working on parts of the program that you were not even responsible for. QUALITYEXCELLENCE has gone above and beyond my expectations. I couldn't have asked for better service. I will definitely contact your company for any future projects I may undertake. Once again, my sincere thanks to all of you for making such a great effort to complete my program in time."

- Shawn Ecuador, US based POS solutions provider.

"I have had a positive experience with QUALITYEXCELLENCE. I am not a technical person - I basically brought my website concept to QE and we co-developed it.

In general, I would say that the skill levels of the programmers and project managers vary, and often the company is only as good as the employees assigned to your account. For the most part, our programmers have been very good, and our current project manager is excellent. We've had some turnover over the past year, but for the most part the team has been very good and I am happy with the value I received.

QE has excellent processes in place to assure that the project stays on track. They provide daily reports of work accomplished and we conference regularly to review status and next steps. They respond immediately to my questions and issues, partly because they have very good procedures and protocols for communication, reporting and accountability. There is a project manager, programmer and QC analyst on my account, and then an account executive who checks in periodically to make sure everything is going OK.

I have had some difficulty in communicating with a couple of the employees, and when that happened, QE did a good job in re-assigning employees that could communicate easily with me. We conference on skype which usually works well, but its important that you have a good internet connection or else it can be very frustrating. Sometimes I wish that QE had better equipment such as headsets and internet connectivity, but I think my frustrations in that area has more to do with the overall infrastructure in India. I have noticed significant improvement in this area over the past 6 months. The team has been very flexible about conferencing at times that are convenient for me even though we have a 10 hour time difference.

Overall, I am very satisfied with QE and would hire them again without hesitation. My project manager is by far the best one I've had over the past year and I would recommend her highly. It helps that she was educated in US, so she can easily interact with us dumb Americans! Also, she has excellent instincts in terms of interpreting my instructions and feedback and converting that into programming that matched my vision. "

-Stean Take Away Restaurant Services Aggregator in CT, USA

"We gave a project to Quality Excellence. I have visited them in India, and i must say i am truly impressed by their dedication, their motivation and their commitment to deliver quality on time."

- Nils Von Bothmer, Film Project Management Services, France - USA

"Excellent work ,easy to communicate with, on time"

- Wedding Portal, USA

"This is the most professional company I have ever worked with. Very detailed and great communication. Award your project with confidence.

So far not only has this company lived up to it's agreement; they are extremely good at resolving problems we have encountered on importing product feeds. We receive daily reports on their progress as well. I would highly recommend this company for your project.

We are about 1/2 completed on this project and they are more professional and detailed than any previous programmers that we have dealt with on various projects. So far we highly recommend this company. If you are having trouble deciding please feel free to contact Mark or Richard for more information on this contractor."

- E-Commerce Portal for Batteries, USA

"This company comes highly recommended and trusted. All promises have been kept. All schedules adhered to by the day. All work has been done to the highest quality. I communicate with my team daily. My project manager never seems impatient . Never tires of questions and providing suggestions. Never gives up on making a great product. You can move forward with Quality Excellence With confidence.">

- California Based Tour Operator, USA