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Quality on Schedule

Quality on Schedule


uality is an ever-extending goal - the better one is, the better one needs to be. The management of the quality process is infinite, and marked only by milestones, never by completion! Quality Excellence recognizes that, to fulfill our goal of self-evident quality, we need to constantly improve our deliverables to match the increasing expectations of our customers.


Quality is essential to the success of any business. Quality is not just about implementing a system or working towards a set standard. It is an attitude, a culture, a way of working, which not only improves businesses but the way people work and live. The focus is always to deliver the best in-class, defect-free solutions and services to the customer as per requirements and expectations, thereby enhancing the customer satisfaction indices, which in turn will enhance business and revenues.

Quality Standards

At Quality Excellence we are committed to maintaining consistently high quality standards - of people, of processes, of infrastructure. It is our constant endeavor to ensure the highest quality in every aspect of IT that we straddle. Our processes are documented, institutionalized and evaluated, helping us become more effective and efficient with every project we work on.We apply Quality Control and Management principles to all aspects of the Project Execution, Delivery and Management cycle. Rigorous Quality Control and Management procedures minimize the number of defects. During each step of the Quality Assurance cycle, metrics data are collected and cross-referenced against our internal database. The collected metrics and data are finally incorporated into the Quality Management Database for internal audit and review at a later stage. We do not compromise on quality even if we have to meet the toughest of deadlines.

Software Quality Assurance (SQA)

We implement the Software Quality Assurance (SQA) that addresses the Quality Assurance needs at every phase of the development cycle.Our QA team has developed a focused quality control checklist. In addition, we also have a comprehensive Quality Testing Checklist, which ensures that every solution delivered by Quality Excellence, measures up to the highest possible international standards.We believe customer satisfaction is the most important.

Quality Excellence Quality Assurance program

We constantly strive to improve our business processes to meet the ever-evolving needs of our customers.We believe customer satisfaction is the most important key to success.We follow exacting procedures and standards to provide incomparable IT solutions. Our measurable service delivery model makes sure our clients get highest returns on their investment. We benchmark all our products and services against the most stringent norms.

The steps involved in our Quality Assurance program are:

Systems Analysis
User Interface Verification
Parameter Range Verification
Random Testing
Verification Suite Generation
Functionality Verification
Stress Testing
Regression Testing