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PHP Experience


uality Excellence is committed to providing clients with state-of-the-art applications using: Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL. PHP supports the most common databases like Oracle, Sybase and MySQL. PHP supports seamless integration with external libraries to create PDF documents or XML parsing. PHP & MYSQL are open-source technologies and are widely supported.

Experience Portfolio

B2C E-Commerce Online Store provides a categorized front end display of products and / or services with a shopping cart to manage purchases and online payment integration to accept online credit card payments. Membership, categories and catalog can be managed in the admin control panel.
Dynamic content management system provides an easy way to manage the categories, sections and informational pages for the website of industry association. There is a workflow across writers and editors for submission and approval of content. Newsletter opt-in and opt-out along with ability to compose and publish newsletters is provided.
Dynamic content management system is implemented to easily manage all informational pages in the portal aimed at HR professionals.
Community website with viral marketing based network of members, who can setup private chat rooms and invite friends. Members can share pictures and vote for or against new arrivals. Revenue model is primarily through advertising.
Online Application Service Provider solution that provides the client an ability to define perspectives, critical success factors, KPI and Action Points to track organization performance on a time series or point in time basis.
Flash based dynamic content management system that provides information about the students, activities and programs of a community rehabilitation school.
Comprehensive one-stop fitness portal features an array of features like virtual trainer, meal planner, social networking, game zone and online store with a 7 layer MLM to promote membership. There is a dynamic content management system to manage all articles and videos on the site. Online forum, chat room and video conference rooms are provided to improve the interactivity of the site.
Online Community Network is a C2C Portal that enables online member subscription and an interlinked network of contacts among a referral network of members. Members can exchange messages on private message boards and be a part of online forums and clubs.
Website is a search interface for MLS listings and subscribers can browse properties and indicate interest for purchase or further discussion. It is a lead generation site and there is an admin control panel to track site activity.
Members can setup profiles and send invites to build a friend network. Friends can do private chat as well as exchange messages and pictures. Dynamic content management system has been integrated, including a site forum.
Partner accounts and profile pages can be managed. Partners can list their services and pay affiliate commissions tracked via 1x1 pixel tracking method.
Online sales website provides customer the facility to customize post cards, magazine covers, calendars and posters by putting their own images and text in a drag and drop mode over a web interface. The screen is converted into high quality PDF file which is automatically sent to printing section for dispatch to customer. Customers can pay online for the service.
Online community site with a dynamic content management system has been provided for an association of retailers who wish to promote their business. There is a searchable directory of merchants and products. Gift vouchers are available for purchase through online credit card payment.
Online objective type exam format in timed as well as practice mode based on random selection out of a bank of questions and automatic scoring system.
Dynamic Information Portal can be used to showcase capabilities and details of services. There is a WYSIWYG HTML editor in admin control panel to update text and graphics on the site. Upcoming events, news, show, releases can be published on the site. Categories, membership and role based workflow can be managed in admin panel. Banner advertising is supported.
Online Retail Store for web based or telephonic customer order processing for fast food restaurants and covers inventory control, order status tracking, delay penalties, delivery boy commissions and online / manual payments.

Implementation Process

Quality Excellence specializes in MySQL PHP Programming, script installing, modification, and PHP Script repairs. Our experienced data architects create efficient and scalable software to automate tasks, collect user data and transform static web sites into dynamic sales and marketing machines.

Using PHP allows our programmers to take advantage of open source code, saving time and money. Many of our custom software solutions use pre-existing code modules that are assembled to meet the custom needs of our clients. In addition to creating custom PHP and MySQL sites, we also offer installation services for third-party programs. Because Quality Excellence is an open source solutions company, many pre-existing software packages can be modified to client specifications.

PHP and MySQL can be used for a variety of application including, but not limited to:

E-commerce and Online Stores
Chat Boards and Forums
Link Directory
Links Management
Newsletter Management
Admin & Sub-Admin Management
Email Newsletters
Email Auto responders
Visitor Tracking
Banner Ad Management
Job Management
Quiz Management
Content Management Systems
User Polls and Online Quiz
Advertisement Management
Product Management
Feedback Management
Site Usage Tracking Management (For tracking user activities)
Daily Updates
Article Management System
Customer Management
Category Management
Online Survey Management
Multilingual Capability

Quality Excellence handles projects from all over the world on Linux as well as Windows platform. We also handle static as well as dynamic projects and offer solutions for simple as well as complex database driven applications.

Using PHP allows our programmers to take advantage of open source code, saving time and money. Many of our custom software solutions use pre-existing code modules that are assembled to meet the custom needs of our clients. In addition to creating custom PHP and MySQL sites, we also offer installation services for third-party programs.

Whether you wish to develop a new PHP dynamic Web site, or just need someone to maintain your current site, we may be able to provide your solution.

We have built several custom databases and Content Management systems that are effective and easy to use, we have helped many clients find and install preeminent solutions for their needs.

Adopting Open Source Technologies as the preferred platform for the Development and Deployment of software applications has caught up in a big way. Large Companies and Corporations are discovering the advantages of using Open Source Technologies to develop applications, which were earlier the exclusive domain of private developers.

Our team has development experience working on complex systems for large dynamic web applications, custom software projects, packages and more. Few of our achievements include upfront, payment systems - recurring, batch processing, multi-support merchant gateways, loan dispersing systems, etc.

With Dot Net development and software, businesses can realize improvements in the time and cost associated with developing and maintaining their business applications, as well as benefiting from empowering employees with the ability to act on vital information anywhere, from any smart device. Moreover, taking the modular aspects of modern software applications and allowing them to communicate through standard Internet protocols (XML and SOAP), XML Web services offer a direct means by which business processes can interact. Applications hosted internally, as well as on remote systems, can be stitched together, allowing businesses to program the Web-quickly and economically creating specialized solutions that meet unique business needs. Creating XML Web services and exposing them on the Internet also provides another key advantage: it greatly expands the number of customers and business partners that can come in contact with a business's services.