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Portal for Web Design Firm

Portal for Web Design Firm


web design firm located in USA. It has been developed as an idea company and offer services such as website design & development with creative marketing, Internet advertising and search engine optimization. The Client Z needed a web base tool for managing & tracking its going project.

Project Description

This USA based Client Z required a web based tool for analyzing & tracking its projects, also seeking a software provider to build the project management tool as per screen designs provided by Client Z.

They were looking for an internal application to track its web design projects in terms of milestones, tasks, contacts and documents. This work was done manually and application would make projects easier to control and co-ordinate within organization.

Capability Analysis

This site is used by the following types of users:

  1. Employees
  2. Administrator

Feature Description

The key objective of this project was to provide a web application to enable employees of the company to manage their web design projects. This application was written in PHP / AJAX with MYSQL as RDBMS on Linux platform as per the screen designs provided to Quality Excellence by client. The application was a project management system to be used internally by company employees. The administrator was having a login interface to define the list of users and their access rights. Administrator was able to use a CMT editor to update the content of the ABOUT page. User was able to login and land on an account page. The landing page was having a dashboard type look with the list of projects, upcoming milestones and a calendar to view appointments. New projects can be added and the links for wire frame, prototype and current design was updated for each project. Libraries of documents as well as contacts were maintained with add / update / delete features.

The calendar of tasks was maintained to both calls as well as face to face meetings. These tasks were optionally associated with a contact or a project. The list of milestones, updated status and completion date of each milestone can be maintained for each project. The account page interface was with six tabs viz. HOME, CALENDAR, PROJECTS, MY TASKS, DOCUMENTS and CONTACTS. The administrator was the super user and has a shadow login facility to use the application on behalf of any user as well as track user activity by date / time range or role or project.

Technology Architecture

This application had programmed in web architecture using PHP 4 + and MY SQL 4 + as RDBMS (LAMP architecture). Application architecture was centralized for easy manageability. Application was optimized for Internet Explorer 6+ but HTML 4 compliance was preserved to ensure cross browser compatibility with other common browsers like Firefox and Netscape Navigator.

Cross browser compatibility was largely ensured through use of XHTML 1.0 and HTML 4 compliance. All application testing was done in Firefox which has a more restrictive implementation of HTML / JavaScript and this ensures that it run well in IE browsers too. Any cross browser issues had debugged if they arise during module testing. Optimistic locking was used in database operations to improve concurrent user performance. Extensive use of stored procedures will ease network traffic and database performance.

Tangible Benefits:

Application has ability to manage features like, milestones, tasks and documents of the projects that are allocated to Team Members & Assign specific update rights for the specific project

Admin got a grid interface with the list of projects and can add / edit / delete. Project description, start date, end date, role owner and status can be managed here.

Appointment Calendar, a featured section for user can see a form to add an appointment, a meeting or a call with date, time and description. Any appointment can be clicked to view / update details.