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uality Excellence India's Offshore Software Development Center at Hyderabad is a spacious development center and the sophisticated infrastructure is complete with an array of advanced workstations, cutting edge computing and network systems and smart communications systems.


Our facility provides an ideal and exclusive environment to creative and skilled professionals engaged in information technology development activities. It is scientifically designed and a fully networked workspace, complete with all the support services. High-speed data communication links provide connectivity to clients worldwide. While being fully secure & well equipped, this round-the-clock Technology Center ensures each and every software engineer/consultant, up and running workstation connected to servers and printers.

The company's LAN has been built by the 100MB Ethernet technology with micro segmentation. A 512 KB (extendible to 2MB) line provides access to the Internet, with backup of broadband internet connectivity of 1 MB. A double firewall separates the line from the LAN.


The Quality Excellence India's Infrastructure combines applications for software development, knowledge management, and technical communication controlled through a centralized project workspace with web-based administration all based on a centralized fine-grain role-based permissions model.

Hardware Platforms:
High-End Dual Pentium Servers (UNIX, Linux, NT) and
Pentium IV Desktop PCs
ISDN and Leased Lines (Internet) to International Customer (as per requirement)
Internet access and e-mail
VOIP Phones
SKYPE, MSN, Yahoo, AIM (Instant Messenger)

Local Network Specifications

Quality Excellence India has a 5000 SFT development centre with six 512 KBPS broadband Internet connections and double redundant power backup. We have currently defined workstations of 60 SFT and every workstation has an independent UPS supply and there is a common UPS power backup for the premises. We also have a standby power generator to ensure a double redundant power backup in the worst-case scenario.We have a CISCO firewall server and use both Norton & McAfee anti-virus software to protect our network. The public network access is physically isolated from the internal private network for increased security.

All power is first fed through our UPS system. Power is converted from industrial three phase AC to DC; this process removes any power surges or spikes. Power is then fed through to the various battery cabinets to constantly charge the fail over batteries. Power is simultaneously drawn from these batteries and duly converted back to AC. This is then distributed via under floor conduits to each server rack. Our generator fail over panel ensures that the server is kept online during any outage.

Quality ExcellenceIndia has the best-of-breed equipments that facilitate in providing world-class services to its clients - worldwide. Quality Excellence India is located in one of the most technology-advanced cities in India having a high rate of technical skilled manpower to meet the ever-increasing demand for skilled resources.

Security Measures

Quality Excellence India exclusively uses only Licensed Software in every part of operations. The security measures adopted to protect client data and preserve our knowledge libraries are listed as Physical Security, Cellular structure, Antivirus and firewall security, Private network isolation, Off-site data backup, Data Disposition, System Security Administrator, Termination of computer access, Safeguarding Accounts and Passwords, User-Identification and Password Standards.

The security measures adopted to protect client data and preserve our knowledge libraries are listed below:

Physical Security - We employ strict security policies and procedures that govern the management of both physical and logical infrastructure. We have a hands free policy and no employee can carry any documents or media in and out of work premises.

Cellular structure with swipe card authorization - The project teams are physically isolated from each other and each work cell has an independent swipe card authorization which can only allow the specific associate staffed on the project to enter the cell.

Antivirus and firewall security - We use Norton & McAfee anti virus software and ensure latest updates on a daily basis at each workstation.

Private network isolation - Our public network interface to receive and send out data to clients and partners is fully isolated from the development network and any exchange of data between the two can only be done after rigorous process of approval and verification.

Off-site data backup - We have a daily / weekly / monthly backup policy and the backup CD-ROM discs are stored offsite in a bank safety vault at Hyderabad & New Delhi.

Data Disposition - All Data shall be properly disposed off when it has exceeded its required retention period, or it is no longer needed for the operation of the project. This includes output such as paper listings, CDs or magnetic tapes.

System Security Administrator - Each computer system shall have a designated System Security Administrator. This individual is responsible for creating user id's with the associated access privileges granted by the appropriate Application Security Administrator, for maintaining an appropriate level of overall system security, and for monitoring the system for security violations. This individual shall also maintain records for all accounts including appropriate signatures and associated access privileges granted. Such records shall be maintained for two years after account termination.

Termination of Computer Access - When a user no longer works for the firm or assumes different job duties within the firm, it is the responsibility of their manager or supervisor to request that their user id be deleted, at the latest, by the date of termination or transfer. If a transferred employee needs access in a new job, a new user id must be obtained. User-ids will be terminated if they are not used for one fiscal year. Access to computer accounts may be suspended at any time if security violations or misuse are suspected.

Safeguarding Accounts and Passwords - Access to computer accounts must be protected, at minimum, by a user identification (user id) and password. It is the responsibility of the user to safeguard his/her user id and password. A user id is not to be shared; the password is not to be divulged to others.

User-Identification and Password Standards - A user id and password must be required to access any system. User-id to be at least 6 characters long. Passwords must be at least six characters long. Restrictions on password complexity are system dependent. Passwords must be changed at least once every 90 days.